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The Master of Arts (MA) in Art Education cultivates a community of artist-researcher-teachers who ask critical questions and propose innovative solutions to issues within the field of art education.

Considering spaces of visual art learning within and beyond the traditional classroom settings, the program deepens student understanding and implementation of pedagogical practices. 

Core coursework provides a strong foundation connecting research to creative and teaching practices. With the opportunity to select and pursue areas of specialization, the program is tailored to each student’s expertise and interests to address issues within art education in their own communities of practice and to become involved in creative solutions on the local, national, and international scale.

The Teacher Leadership Program in Visual Arts Education is a planned two-year experience, including two summers, designed to prepare currently certified art educators to exert independent leadership for improving the performance of P12 schools in the areas of enhanced achievement and increased college and career readiness.  

In addition to teacher leadership coursework, each candidate will pursue a selected area of specialization of at least twelve credit hours designed not only to increase his/her content expertise, but also to build the candidate’s portfolio of graduate content courses which can lead, under SACS rules, to approval for teaching dual credit courses in the public schools (in collaboration with a local college or university).


Candidates admitted to the graduate program in Art Education are expected to have completed course work equivalent to an undergraduate major in Art Education (in no case less than 18 hours in Art Education and Education, 12 hours in Art History, and 18 hours in Art Studio). Prospective candidates who do not meet these requirements should seek the counsel of the Program Faculty Committee to make up deficits prior to acceptance into the program. In addition, candidates must submit for review by the Program Faculty Committee, a portfolio of recent artworks and professional writing and other evidence of professional attainment (or a 300–500-word statement of interest in advance studies in Art Education).

Current classes, admission information, and degree requirements can be found in the Graduate School Catalog.

Created 06/30/2021
Last Updated 07/15/2024