Visual Studies Minor

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The Visual Studies Minor offers a broadly based curriculum that reaches into everyday life and popular media to deal with all aspects of visual culture.

The Visual Studies Minor curriculum teaches critical viewing skills to prepare students to successfully interpret and navigate the visual complexity of the 21st century, both inside and outside the workplace. Students from any college may choose to minor in Visual Studies.


No more than four courses may be from Art History & Visual Studies (AH prefix). At least two courses selected must be taken at the 300 level or above (including 4th requirement below).

A- H 101 Introduction to Visual Studies (3 credit hours)

One course selected from the following (3 credit hours):

  • A- H 105 World Art Before 1400
  • A- H 106 Renaissance to Modern Art

One course selected from the following ( 3 credit hours)

  • A- S 102 Two-Dimensional Surface
  • A- S 103 Three-Dimensional Form
  • A- S 130 Drawing
  • A- S 200 Introduction to Digital Art, Space, and Time

One course selected from any Art History & Visual Studies course at the 300 level (3 credit hours)

In consultation with an Art History & Visual Studies advisor, students may identify and propose courses relevant to visual studies other than those listed in the Bulletin as fulfilling this requirement. See the Visual Studies Minor in the UK Bulletin for courses.

NOTE: Students may propose courses relevant to visual studies other than those listed here to fulfill this requirement, but the must consult with their advisor and file a College of Fine Arts petition form for approval.

Total Hours: 21

Created 07/02/2021
Last Updated 02/09/2022