Foundations is a first-year experience for Art Studio and Art Education majors in the School of Art & Visual Studies.

The program provides an introductory investigation into the core of visual thought, expression and creativity. Students engage a diverse range of art making possibilities through rigorous inquiry into contemporary art practices including: critical analysis and creative problem solving, the nexus between art theory and studio practice, a range of material exploration and compositional strategies. After completion of the Foundations Program students have knowledge of a wide variety of contemporary practices and approaches, and an introductory understanding of personal voice in their work that can be developed in upper-level courses. The Foundations Program at UK offers students two remarkable experiences: the Creativity Practices Seminar, which is an exploration of strategies students may use to pursue successful careers in the visual arts and related fields, an examination of personal creative habits, and an introduction to resources available to art students; and the juried Foundations Student Exhibition, which features the best first-year student work.

Studio courses include:

  • Two-Dimensional Surface, where non-objective and abstract drawing and painting are explored and personal themes developed.
  • Three-Dimensional Form, during which students use the woodshop along with a wide variety of other tools and materials to create sculpture based on ideas developed in class.
  • Drawing, an in-depth course where students hone skills in representational drawing and the metaphoric content of imagery, value and color.
  • Lens Arts, an introduction to camera-based art practices involved in both still and motion image production.
  • Digital Art, Space and Time, where students dive into a broad understanding of image making in our culture through lectures on our digital visual culture and computer lab time spent developing work using the leading digital software.