Rae Goodwin

Rae Goodwin


School of Art and Visual Studies

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Associate Dean of Research and Creative Activities
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In the making of my work, I challenge my own concepts of identity, family, community and the basic ways I interact with these aspects of life. Utilizing this process of self-reflection and analysis I prompt the viewer into their own self-conscious state. Both material and process become metaphors for my life story and my very personal transformation. I rely on repetitive processes, ironic humor and suggestive materials that are evocative of my past, my gender, my faith and the larger community. The work itself is both inviting and intimidating, brought about by a collision of perceived opposites; intimacy in a public space, fabric placed on the floor to be walked upon, going on a day-hike with so much gear that I can barely walk, solo-hiking with friends, etc. With the placement and scale of these objects and performance installations, I attempt to make the viewer more aware of their own body and life by exposing the anxiety and irony in transforming my own.

As the Director of Foundations, I work with all of the TAs in Art Studio to improve their teaching abilities and guide them in their understanding of creativity pedagogical practices. I also work with the Foundations faculty to constantly improve our curriculum so our students have a rigorous education that speaks to contemporary art practices. As a faculty member I teach in the Foundations program and love working with incoming students of all ages and abilities. I especially find satisfaction in working with our Creativity Practices Seminar students, where students get an opportunity to get to know the other art majors and discuss strategies for success.

Created 07/01/2021
Last Updated 01/02/2024