Student Resources

SAVS Equipment Request - Check out a variety of cameras, tripods, and other equipment from the Media Center.

CFA Calendar Listing Request - Apply to get your show, performance, installation, or other artistic activity listed on the CFA calendar.


  • BFA Program Application (Note: this application form differs from year to year. Be sure you have downloaded the most recent version.)
    • Return completed applications via email by the deadline list in the most recent application file.
  • BFA Studio Application
  • Learning Contracts - Learning contracts for Independent Study, Coordinate Study, TA Experiential, Senior Projects and/or other Internships must be completed, including professor and chair signatures, and turned in PRIOR to registering for these courses. These are controlled courses that require an override which requires prior approval via the completed contract.

Graduate Student Resources

Helpful Programs

Academic Enhancement in The Study

This is the place to go for peer tutoring, for private tutor referrals, for information about placement testing, and for help with the admissions/applications process.  They also offer help preparing for the graduate GRE examinations.  And check out their Study Smarter Seminar, which is a one-time, non-credit earning seminar designed to help students master the art of effective study. The seminar is four hours and teaches students how to study smarter not harder.  


The School of Art & Visual Studies is primarily Apple based. There are multiple Mac labs on campus. It is not a requirement, but it is highly recommended, that students have a desktop, laptop or iPad.

The Counseling Center

The University of Kentucky provides a wide variety of counseling services for students. Visit their website for more information.

Education Abroad

Interested in studying abroad for a semester or a year? Visit the UK Education Abroad website for information about how to make the dream a reality.

Equipment checkout

The School of Art & Visual Studies has an equipment checkout for students enrolled in specific courses, during the semester.  The items are:  small pocket projectors, video cameras and digital still cameras.  Note:  some photography based classes require the purchase of a camera.  See your course syllabus for requirements.

Honors Program

The Honors Program at the University of Kentucky will provide opportunities for students to take challenging classes in many disciplines across the diversity of colleges at UK. While students will take Honors courses, the real benefit to being in Honors is the opportunity for a range of experiential learning. Students will be expected to participate in two Honors Experiences, which may take the form of Education Abroad, Research and Scholarship projects, Community Service, or other approved activities.  

Gaines Center and Fellowships

The Gaines Center selects twelve talented undergraduate scholars at the University every year to complete a two-year fellowship for further education in the humanities. Gaines Fellows are selected through a competitive application process comparable to the selection process for programs such as the Rhodes Scholarship and the Truman Scholarship.

The Gaines Fellows are traditionally at the forefront of the University's undergraduate scholars. Fellows have been recognized not only locally but nationally and internationally, with former Gaines Fellows in the ranks of Marshall, Fulbright, Goldwater, and Udall scholars.

Students apply in their Sophomore year. Art Students are encouraged to apply!

The Lucille Little Fine Arts Library and Learning Center

Looking for a good place to study? Want to find more information about an artist? Check out the Lucille Little Fine Arts Library and Learning Center.

The Writing Center

Students may get free help with problems composing and communicating via multiple media.