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Dynamic and innovative, the University of Kentucky Department of Arts Administration leads national and international initiatives in teaching, research, professional and community service to educate and inspire responsible arts leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Founded in 1987, the University of Kentucky's Department of Arts Administration offers one of the most comprehensive curriculums in the country. The demand for arts administrators remains strong. What was once a small niche has transformed into an industry of professionals trained to manage theatres, symphony halls, galleries, museums, community art councils, orchestras, art centers, and many other types of institutions. In fact, the nonprofit arts industry employs approximately 1.3 million individuals annually. We hope that, as you look through our website, you will come away with the feeling and will want to make the University of Kentucky's Department of Arts Administration your home.

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Arts Administration is the business of managing nonprofit and for-profit arts organizations to facilitate day-to-day operations and fulfill the overall organizational mission. Arts Administration also prepares artistic individuals for successful entrepreneurship and freelancing.
Be the next generation of arts leaders with our innovative online MA degree in Arts Administration.
The field of arts administration is largely considered to have been formally developed in the United States in the 1960s. The institutionalization of the field has continued to solidify and expand well into the 21st century.
Undergraduate Certificate
Protect Your Passion: Safeguarding the Arts
Graduate Certificate
Protect Your Passion: Safeguarding the Arts
Undergraduate Certificate
Uncover your entrepreneurial skills with our Undergraduate Certificate in Creative Social Entrepreneurship. Our cutting-edge program is 100% online and asynchronous, offering you the chance to embed entrepreneurship into your creative practice and ignite social change.
Graduate Certificate
Transform your creative vision, build entrepreneurship skills, and impact the world with our innovative Graduate Certificate in Creative Social Entrepreneurship. Our asynchronous online program offers an expansive curriculum for you to cultivate new skills in entrepreneurial leadership, social innovation, and new creative enterprise development in the creative and cultural sector.
Graduate Certificate
Tailored for working professionals, our Graduate Certificate in Fundraising and Development is an asynchronous online certificate program offers a flexible and accessible way to enhance your fundraising skills without disrupting your current commitments.
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