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Jan 25 2020 to Oct 24 2020
Milton Avery painting, Green Sea

During the Art Museum’s fortieth anniversary year, we are celebrating the passion and insight of our donors whose generosity has meaningfully shaped the collection. We open this year recognizing significant gifts from Robert C. May, George and Susan Proskauer, Gerald T. and...

Jan 25 2020 to Oct 10 2020
Erika Larsen photo, Mik'nuraq

Robert C. May Photography Lecture Series: ERIKA LARSEN
Ritual for a Changing Planet

Photojournalist Erika Larsen embeds herself in communities that maintain a close relationship with nature and traditional culture to gain an intimate and visceral knowledge of...

Jan 25 2020 to Oct 24 2020
R.C. May photograph

The name Robert C. May is intricately connected to photography at UK.  He left an endowment that funds a prestigious annual lecture series as well as the ongoing purchase of photography for the museum. His collection of about a hundred works by some of the best-known photographers of the...

Jan 25 2020 to Mar 20 2021
Sketch by Thomas Satterwhite Noble

An artist’s sketch can contain the germ of an idea, the excitement of fresh vision, and a visceral testament of the communication between hand and eye. Sketches can be studies for more developed final works, a place to block out compositions, or a testing ground for color and materials. They can...

Feb 15 2020 to Oct 24 2020
Kitra Cahana photograph


Robert C. May Photography Lecure Series: KITRA CAHANA
Kitra Cahana fulfills her childhood dreams of traveling between worlds through her work as a documentary photographer and filmmaker exploring social, anthropological, and spiritual themes. She spends months or...

May 15 2020 to Nov 1 2020
Chamber of Art and Curiosities (detail)


Simple objects can tell complex stories; and we want to see and hear yours! People of all ages collect things they find meaningful, interesting, valuable, and worthy of keeping. Besides art, these objects include natural materials (stones, shells),...