Current Exhibitions

Sep 8 2018 to Dec 9 2018
"Untitled" by Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Ralph Eugene Meatyard: Stages for Being

Ralph Eugene Meatyard (1925 – 1972) made his living as an optician in Lexington while creating enigmatic photographs featuring friends and family members posed in abandoned places, often wearing masks or enacting symbolic...

Sep 8 2018 to Dec 9 2018
digital print by Didier Morelli

Downstage from Meatyard

Sep 8 2018 to Dec 9 2018
still from GRASS video

Alix Pearlstein’s work in video and performance often brings together groups of actors to explore scripted and improvised movements and dialogue. The results possess a sense of purpose and restraint as the camera and participating bodies negotiate shared space. In 2017, we invited Pearlstein to...