Welcome to the Singletary Center for the Arts

The Otis A. Singletary Center for the Arts welcomes you to the University of Kentucky campus for live events in the 2022-23 academic year.  As the performance home for the UK School of Music, as well as many other local nonprofit arts organizations, the Singletary Center provides professional, full-service venues for the creation, practical application, and dissemination of artistic, cultural and educational expressions by international, national, regional, university, and student performers, artists, and speakers.  We invite you to share in the joy, beauty, and excitement of live performance in Lexington’s premiere performing arts center.


Nick Carter - Who I Am Tour

Sparking his career at the age of 12, Nick Carter quickly became an international pop superstar as the youngest member of the iconic boy band, Backstreet Boys. With his boyish good looks and heartthrob status, Carter's 30-year entertainment journey has extended far beyond sold-out arenas,…

Created 08/13/2021
Last Updated 09/21/2023