Students in the University of Kentucky’s Department of Theatre and Dance receive the highest caliber theatre training – whether their passion is onstage or backstage - and our success is proven with a growing alumni network in creative careers across the country. We are committed to helping our students develop their full potential.

Skills developed as a Theatre and Dance Major:
Oral communication, critical thinking, self-discipline, time management, teamwork, problem solving, confidence, creativity, adaptability, collaboration, communication, project management

Career Opportunities for Theatre and Dance Majors:
Acting, dramaturgy, playwriting, technical direction, education, costume design, choreography, musical theatre, arts management/administration, education, kinesiology, healthcare, business, public relations, journalism, business, law, social work, liturgical leadership

Auditions & Casting Policies

​Theatre Major Auditions

Incoming Freshmen are not required to audition in order to declare a theatre major. We do encourage prospective students to visit our facility, observe a class, talk to faculty and students, and attend a production to familiarize yourself with our program.

Dance Major Auditions

Incoming Freshman, transfer students, and students wishing to change their major to Dance are required to audition for entry into the program. During the audition, prospective students will demonstrate their knowledge of ballet, jazz, modern, and improvisation movement based phrases and exercises. The audition culminates with an individual interview meeting with a faculty member. Visit the dance page for details.

Musical Theatre Certificate Auditions

Students wishing to enter the Musical Theatre Certificate interdisciplinary track must register and audition to be accepted. Visit the musical theatre page for details.

Production Auditions

Auditions for Department of Theatre & Dance productions are open to ALL students enrolled at the University of Kentucky, regardless of major or rank.

We hold open auditions on a regular basis. Check with the Theatre and Dance office, 114 Fine Arts Building. Sign-up sheets and specific requirements for each audition are posted on the bulletin board near the office.

Created 06/28/2021
Last Updated 02/14/2024