The Department of Theatre & Dance is housed in the historically significant Fine Arts Building at the heart of the University of Kentucky campus and is the home of the "Guignol," which embodies the rich history and legacy of theatre in Lexington.


Studios & Shops

  • James W. Rodgers Costume Shop: Fully equipped with over 20 sewing machines, 4 sergers, industrial steam irons, changing room and fitting area. The award-winning studio has an international reputation for quality and traditional sewing techniques including: traditional embroidery, tambour beading, historical construction, millinery, as well as Japanese embroidery and other fabric modification techniques.
  • Bill and Leonard Nave Makeup Room: Equipped with 14 fully lit makeup stations, this room is a preparation space for productions as well as instructional space for the makeup components to studio classes. Adjacent is an area dedicated to wig and hair preparation and storage. Students have the opportunity to learn how to maintain and style theatrical wigs as part of their overall experience.
  • Charles F. Dickens Dance Studio: Custom designed classroom for instruction in movement and dance.
  • Raymond A. Smith Theatre & Dance Studio: Built and arranged for students in design and technology, the design studio has drafting tables, a large work area, flat files for storage and lockers for student use. The majority of departmental design classes are held in this room as well as design and production meetings for the mainstage season.
  • The Scene Shop: 2500 sqft studio responsible for the construction or modification of all settings and props for Department of Theatre and Dance productions. Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of construction and painting of flats, platforms, furniture, special effects, drops, and rigging for a wide variety of scenery and props as part of their overall theatre education.

Lucille Caudill Little Fine Arts Library