The UK College of Fine Arts is the state’s premier incubator of creative thinking, artistic activity and fine arts research. And we ask for your support.

Mail checks directly to UK Philanthropy, PO Box 910628, Lexington, KY 40591 (payable to University of Kentucky with designation in the memo line or a note of instruction).

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UK is a public institution, but only a small percentage of its budget is provided for by state funding. Private philanthropy is vital to sustaining our community. It provides scholarships so that students can achieve their academic and professional goals, programming support to keep the college at the forefront of arts education and resources to recruit and retain the finest artists and field leaders to our world-class faculty and staff. We need your help to nurture the creativity and exploration that impacts our culture, our society and our nation's growth.

Areas to Support

How can you help? By giving to the annual fund of the College, school/department or program that you care about. These funds allow each area to prioritize its unique needs and goals. From innovative instruction methods to scholarships to creative activity and research, these things define the College of Fine Arts experience for our students

Ways to Give

Gift & Estate Planning

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Establish an Endowment

Endowments are incredibly important to sustaining the college's quality of excellence now and into the future.

Endowments allow donors to provide everlasting support to the area they are most passionate about in the College of Fine Arts. Endowments may be created through a single gift or by payments over a five-year period. These funds are then placed in long-term accounts, where the principal remains intact. The earned interest provides funding for the designated students, faculty or program.

One gift can support generations of fine arts education.

Established Endowments


  • Dean's Endowed Student Opportunities Fund
  • James C. Norton College of Fine Arts Development Endowment

Department of Arts Administration

  • Michael Braun Endowed Award Fund
  • Gary B. Knapp Endowed Chair in Arts Administration

School of Art and Visual Studies

  • Abercrombie Foundation Research - Art
  • Kim Adler Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Anne Worthington Callihan Memorial Fund
  • Cheryl Kelly Haffler Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Hazel True Haunsz Fund in Fiber Arts
  • Dale Johnson Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • NCAA Department of Art Scholarship Fund
  • Theophilia Joan Oexmann Original Art Award
  • Arturo Alonzo Sandoval Endowed Professorship Fund
  • Ross Zirkle Art Studio Endowed Scholarship Fund

School of Music

  • Abercrombie Foundation Research Fund - Music
  • Harold Hicks Bennett Baritone Scholarship Fund
  • Harold Hicks Bennett Trombone Scholarship Fund
  • Jay & Mary Brumfield Music Scholarship Fund
  • William T. Bryan Endowed Chair in Vocal Music Fund
  • James B. Campbell Endowed Scholarship in Percussive Development
  • John Barnes Chance Memorial Scholarship
  • Choral Music Endowment Fund
  • Jean Marie Mcconnell Chrisman Memorial Piano Fund
  • William Harry Clarke Alumni Marching Band Scholarship
  • Constance & William Collis Opera Production Endowment
  • Violet Showers Couch Music Endowment Fund
  • Charles Marvin Crowe Endowed Music Scholarship Fund
  • Louis D. Dubilier Endowment for Music Education
  • Endowed Opera Studies Chair Support Fund
  • Helen F. Farmer Scholarship Fund
  • Jane Lee Forrest Music Scholarship Fund
  • Teresa Garbulinska Music in Healthcare Fund
  • Ray & Gigi Garman Opera Production Endowment Fund
  • Brian R. Gorrell Wildcat Marching Band Endowment 
  • Flossie Minter Greene Scholarship Fund
  • Thelma Greene Endowed Scholarship in Music
  • Adele Headley Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • O. Helton Memorial Acres Scholarship
  • Hubert Henderson Scholarship in Music
  • George Hurst Scholarship Fund
  • Cliff Jackson Collaborative Vocal Coaching & Piano Endowment
  • Phyllis Jenness Vocal Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Anthony L. Konkler Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Robert C. & Mrs. Rita C. Lam Music Scholarship
  • Mildred S. Lewis Music Scholarship
  • Mildred Sinclair Lewis Scholarship in Music
  • Lexington Opera Society Chair in Opera Studies Fund
  • Lexington Opera Society Community Endowment for Vocal Studies
  • Lucille Caudill Little Endowed Research Fund in Opera Studies
  • Lucille Caudill Little Performing Arts in Healthcare Program Fund
  • Lucille Caudill Little Professorship/Chair in Music Therapy
  • Rey M. Longyear Memorial Fund in Musicology
  • Keith B. MacAdam Endowment in American Music
  • Ann Scott & Ralph E. Mason Endowed Research Fund in Opera Studies
  • Ann Scott & Ralph E. Mason Visiting Scholars Program in Voice Performance
  • Ann Scott Maher Mason Endowed Research Fund in Choral Studies
  • Ann Scott Maher Mason Vocal Arts Series Fund
  • Ann Scott Maher Mason Vocal Music Scholarship Fund
  • McCracken Wind Quintet Endowment Fund
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ralph McCracken, Jr. Scholarship Fund
  • Robert C. McDowell Band Scholarship
  • Charlie H. Mitchell Endowed Student Award
  • Ford M. Montgomery Memorial Piano Scholarship Fund
  • OperaLex Endowment for UK Opera Theatre Fund
  • Henry D. Ormsby Band Scholarship Fund
  • Our American Music Endowment Fund
  • Nathaniel Patch Piano Scholarship/Fellowship Fund
  • Joseph E. Pival Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Joseph W. Pival Memorial Scholarship Fund in Violin
  • Proctor-Taylor Scholarship Fund
  • Charles W. Ratliff Music Scholarship
  • Tommy Sandusky Memorial Endowed Band Scholarship Fund
  • William E. & Casiana Schmidt Opera Outreach Program Fund
  • Louise Harrison Shouse Endowed Research Fund in Opera Studies
  • Frances Tinsley Smith & E. Vernon Smith Band Scholarship Endowment
  • Dudley E. South Endowment Fund
  • Frances Arnold South Endowment Fund
  • Lynn Markowitz Struttmann Endowed Scholarship in Oboe
  • Sweetheart Majorettes/Features Endowed Scholarship
  • David Allen Thomas Jazz Music Endowment
  • Lee T. Todd, Jr. & Patricia B. Todd Orchestra Research Endowment Fund
  • Kevin Toole Memorial Scholarship Fund in Percussion
  • Michael Turpin Band Leadership Fund
  • UK Endowed Opera Theatre Orchestra Research Fund
  • Donald D. & Patricia M. Waggener UK Marching Band Support Fund
  • Dr. J.W. Worrel Music Scholarship Fund

Department of Theatre and Dance

  • Wallace N. Briggs Theatre Enrichment Fund
  • Wallace & Olive Briggs Theatre Endowed Fund
  • Department of Theatre Enrichment Fund
  • John Uhly & Ruth May Koch Scholarship
  • Charles Hayden Lampe Scholarship Fund
  • Lucille Caudill Little Research Endowment for Theatre
  • Christopher T. Maier Scholarship for Theatre Students Fund
  • Joseph C. Ray Endowed Fund
  • Lolo Robinson Drama Scholarship Fund
  • Raymond A. Smith Scholarship in the Department of Theatre
  • Mary A. Stephenson Endowed Costume Scholarship Fund

Singletary Center for the Arts

  • Otis A. & Gloria W. Singletary Enrichment Fund
  • Otis A. & Gloria M. Singletary Enrichment Quasi Endowment

UK Art Museum

  • Albisetti Exhibition Fund
  • Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels Art Museum Family Education Endowment Fund
  • Robert C. May Art Museum Fund
  • University of Kentucky Art Museum Endowed Exhibition Fund
  • Rubin H. & Kathy Walsh-Piper Education Endowment Fund


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Last Updated 07/18/2024