Student Ambassadors

The College of Fine Arts Ambassador Program promotes a greater cohesion and cooperation between the units of the College of Fine Arts and strengthens the image of the college to communities within and external to the University of Kentucky. CFA Ambassadors are independent and self-motivated. They take pride in their identity as students of the College of Fine Arts and are eager to share their experiences with others. CFA Ambassadors are engaged with the local community, both on and off campus. They are willing to learn about and promote other units of the College of Fine Arts beyond their own majors and minors.


CFA Ambassadors may participate in the Ambassador Program to earn credit or for their own professional and personal development. Participation will be tracked by service hours, which will be earned through activities including, but not limited to:

  • On and off-campus recruiting events
  • Social and development activities for current and incoming students to CFA and UK
  • Hosting prospective students and their families on campus
  • Creating of original content for social media outreach
  • Planning and implementing a spring event for current CFA students
2023-2024 Student Ambassadors
Dakara Cooper
Dakara Cooper

Theatre Major
Musical Theatre Certificate

Emilee Casabella
Emilee Casabella

Dance Major

Kennedy Whitby
Kennedy Whitby

Journalism Major
Filmmaking Certificate

Leyna Lehenbauer
Leyna Lehenbauer

Art History and Visual Studies Major
Arts Administration Major

river davis
River Davis

Music Education Major

Created 11/30/2021
Last Updated 10/23/2023