Undergraduate Scholarships & Financial Aid

The School of Art and Visual Studies has scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen and continuing students.

SA/VS Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

SA/VS offers scholarships to incoming freshmen majors that can extend over a four-year period, up to $6,000 for four years ($1,500 per year). Eligible students will be invited to be considered for a scholarship once their UK application has been reviewed. Students who plan to study art studio, digital media and design or art education will be invited to submit a portfolio of their work. Art history and visual studies students will submit an essay to be considered for a scholarship award.  

Incoming students may also be eligible for additional academic scholarships, including awards for alumni of Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts or Governor's Scholars programs. More details on these and other scholarship opportunities are available on the University of Kentucky Scholarships website. Deadlines are often before December 1 for University scholarships. Please check the website carefully. Information regarding need-based assistance, FAFSA deadlines, and a cost calculator can be found through the University of Kentucky Financial Aid Office.

SA/VS Scholarships and Prizes for Current Majors

Additional scholarship money is awarded to prize winners at the annual Foundations and Carey Ellis Exhibitions. 

Awards include:

Worthington Callihan Memorial Book Award
Established in honor of a founding member of the Department and long-time UK art professor, this award recognizes the outstanding senior student in art history as selected by the faculty.

Cheryl Kelly Haffler Memorial Scholarship
Each year the School rewards one undergraduate Art Education student for his or her academic and creative excellence. To receive this cash award, a student must display dedication to learning, a passion for the arts, and play an active role in the community. Students may apply to be considered for this award; contact the Art Education faculty for details and deadlines.

NCAA SA/VS Scholarship Fund
One scholarship each year is given to a student in one of the three areas of SA/VS who has demonstrated potential for academic and/or artistic success.

Theophilia Joan Oexmann Original Art Award
This award recognizes senior students in SA/VS who have demonstrated great promise, originality, and artistic creativity. The recipients of this award are selected by the art studio faculty.

Foundation Exhibition Prizes
Annually, SA/VS hosts an exhibition open to all students who have enrolled in at least one of the Foundation courses in the previous year. The exhibition is then judged by a studio artist from another college or university. We have been able to offer $10,000 worth of scholarships annually as prizes for the best entries.

KHEAA Teacher Scholarship Program
Juniors and Seniors can receive a maximum of $5,000 a year through the KHEAA Teacher Scholarship Program. All full-time applicants who demonstrate financial need qualify for this scholarship. Recipients must be employed as a teacher in Kentucky upon graduation.

Created 07/16/2021
Last Updated 02/07/2024