Art Studio Minor

Degrees Available
Where will creativity take you?

Students may choose between a broad-based introduction to studio arts or a more focused concentration in a specific medium such as ceramics, drawing, intermedia, fiber, painting, printmaking, or sculpture.

To earn a minor in Art Studio, students must complete the following:

One course from the list below: (3 credit hours)

  • A-S 102 Two-Dimensional Surface
  • A-S 103 Three-Dimensional Form
  • A-S 130 Drawing
  • A-S 200 Introduction to Digital Art, Space and Time

One course in Art History (3 credit hours)

At least 12 hours in studio at the 200 level or above (with a minimum of 9 hours at or above the 300 level) (12 credit hours)

Total: 18 credit hours

Only 3 hours from courses taken to fulfill a requirement in another major or minor can be used to meet the requirements of the minor in Art Studio. Students must take at least 9 hours of classes at the 200 level or above from the UK Art Studio program.

Created 06/30/2021
Last Updated 08/28/2023