Digital Illustration

"Drawing is putting a line around an idea."
-Henri Matisse

Digital Drawing and Illustration is an exciting new component within the Digital Media Design program at UK. Here, students work with digital drawing tablets, learn to blend analog and digital drawing techniques, and become familiar with the tools and processes of the field of Digital Illustration.  

Students explore topics including editorial illustration, conceptual digital drawing, reportage, pattern illustration, character design, observational digital drawing, and more. 

Students can also engage in advanced independent projects including producing graphic novels, working with large scale digital painting, and exploring book illustration. This area combines the longstanding benefits of developing refined drawing skills with knowledge of the new digital tools necessary to achieve sophisticated image-making for the digital age. 

SA/VS has great facilities and equipment for both traditional and digital drawing including spacious studios, six computer labs (with both OS X and Windows based machines) with drawing tablets and 2D and 3D scanners for content creation. 

Students interested in digital illustration will study topics such as observational digital drawing, survey of line techniques, analog/digital interaction, and editorial illustration. The introductory class highlights the teaching of digital fundamentals including drawing software, tablet drawing, and hybrid processes. 

Advanced classes emphasize the development of sophisticated conceptual and technical skills through supervised independent projects and explore the expanded field of drawing by creating digital works that can take on multiple physical forms.

Art Studio BA, BFA


A studio art degree prepares you for the creative life you plan to live and opens the door to an inventive career full of exploration, critical thinking, and a practice based in hands-on making

Digital Media Design BS


Students can emphasize areas like commercial photography or graphic design, or take coursework in web design and development, professional printmaking, or animation and fabrication.

Art Studio MFA


The MFA in Art Studio is an interdisciplinary degree that embraces broad forms of making and practice. 

Created 07/16/2021
Last Updated 12/06/2021