Graphic Design

“If you can design one thing, you can design everything”
—Massimo Vignelli 

Graphic design is the study and practice of visual communication through type, image and composition; it informs sports logos, movie titles, magazine spreads, web sites, book layouts, product packaging, street signs, concert posters, business cards and billboards. With both practical and expressive applications, successful graphic design can clarify information, catalyze action, and prompt discussion. 

SA/VS has excellent production facilities and equipment for designers including six computer labs with drawing tablets, large format printers and 2D and 3D scanners. We also house a digital fabrication lab with 3D printers, a CNC router and laser cutters/engravers. Our media center has over 80 DSLR and over 100 video cameras with professional lenses, mics and accessories available for student use.   

Graphic design classes at the University of Kentucky SA/VS challenge students to create sophisticated and compelling solutions to visual problems by dynamically integrating text and image, thoughtfully applying information hierarchy, and exploring concepts visually. A range of introductory to advanced classes help students develop their unique design voices and hone skills in both creating and formatting content. Engaging with the expanded field of art and design, many students combine graphic design courses with other studio courses such as digital illustration, photography, printmaking, and fibers.   

Led by an accomplished, multi-disciplinary faculty, students create engaging and exciting design work in a new, state-of-the-art facility. Graduates of Digital Media Design have found success designing for corporations, universities, design firms, start-ups, and museums.

Created 07/16/2021
Last Updated 08/25/2021