The University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts is a community, a family. Be it virtual or in person, we continue to inspire and encourage one another, making our mark on campus, in the Bluegrass community, and across the globe.

Our faculty are talented, compassionate artists/scholars, providing vital mentorship to our students and cultural contributions to the university and the Commonwealth. Their creative activity and research fully embodies the intersection of the college’s creative type and the university’s wildly possible brands. The college explores and expands the arts and their impact on a daily basis through creativity, ingenuity, and risk-taking. Our faculty push boundaries, create new knowledge, and produce groundbreaking experiences that impact diverse individuals, transform students’ lives, and result in unparalleled opportunities to reflect on the essential role that the arts play in life.

Our staff are catalysts for student success. They work hard to provide the best possible experience for students and their families throughout their journey at the University of Kentucky. Additionally, our staff help us maintain strong connections with our community - our Museum and Singletary Center patrons, our outreach program participants, and more, enhancing the cultural life of the Bluegrass and beyond.

Lexington, Kentucky, is loaded with charm and culture. Walk, bus, or bike from campus to downtown for unique local eateries, galleries, and a booming farmer's market. Travel just a little further and discover picturesque horse farms on rolling hills. Our college is deeply immersed in Lexington's creative scene, from art galleries to public art to theatre start-ups. You'll find CFA alums, students, and faculty in every cultural nook and cranny.

#7 Best City for New College Grads (SmartAsset)
#6 Most Inspiring City for Young Artists (
Top 25, 5 out of 5 starts, LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Safety (Campus Pride Index)

Our legacy lies with our CFA alumni. They can be found in numerous innovative industries. They are working in institutions including Madison Square Garden, United Way, Kentucky Performing Arts, and Rutgers University. Others are successful independent artists, entrepreneurs, and educators. Still others have pursued careers in technology, social services, medicine, and law.

Check out CFA Community Conversations with grads navigating the creative workforce.

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