Music Theory & Composition

Degrees Available
The five full-time faculty members of UK theory & composition are engaged in active creation and research with distinction in popular music studies, pedagogy, Schenkerian studies, 19th-century music, and commissioned compositions.

UK offers PhD and MA degrees in music theory, the MM and DMA in composition, as well as a concentration in theory or composition within the BA degree.

Our program is small enough to enable extensive direct contact with faculty, and our graduates find themselves well-prepared for their careers or further study. Contact the coordinator of the Theory & Composition Division Kevin Holm-Hudson for requirements.

Application Requirements
  1. CV. Should include:
    1. Name, address, email, and phone number
    2. Education (institutions, degrees, dates, majors)
    3. Work Experiences (locations, dates, teaching, and other professional experiences)
    4. Presentations/Recitals/Publications/Clinics (include locations and dates). Include a list on a separate page, if you can, of papers you have written, whether published or unpublished.
  2. Personal Statement
    1. Please submit a one-page statement (at least 150 words, 3 paragraphs suggested) expressing your motivation for seeking this degree from the University of Kentucky and how this degree fits into your goals for the future.
  3. Writing Sample
    1. At least one music paper of an analytical nature is required (two samples preferred). An undergraduate term paper is acceptable. The topic of the paper should deal with some aspect of form, harmony, or other organizational aspects of a piece of music. The paper should be at least 5 pages in length, 12-point font (Times or Times New Roman preferred), and should include bibliographical and footnote or endnote citations. We are interested in seeing your very best work.
  4. Audition and exam request form
  5. Three letters of recommendation

The GRE is not required for admission to this program.

Application Deadlines

Spring and Summer: November 30 (Contact DGS if you are applying for summer only)

Fall: April 3

The deadline for applications for international students for the fall term is February 1

Created 08/10/2021
Last Updated 07/15/2024