All our majors enjoy one-on-one mentorships with our world-class faculty and enjoy a diverse range of performance opportunities in our many ensembles from our Jazz Ensembles to the Wind Symphony to the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra.

Audition Repertoire Requirements


  • Three octave chromatic scale, slurred, as fast as you can accurately play.
  • Three octave B major scale, tongued, as fast as you can accurately play.
  • One fast movement, and one slow movement from a work of your choice. For example, the two movements could come from a Galliard Sonata.


  • 3 octave chromatic scale starting on low E (both slurred and legato articulation)
  • Major scales: C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, G, D, A, E
  • One fast etude, and one slow etude from either the Rose 32 Studies for Clarinet, or the Rose 40 Studies for the Clarinet
  • One solo of your choice from the standard solo clarinet repertoire (Mozart, Weber, Stravinsky, Devienne, etc.)



  • All major scales, 2 octaves; chromatic scale, full range; tempi should be as fast as can be comfortably and accurately played
  • Two contrasting works of your choice (etudes or solos); ideally, repertoire should be from NFA Graded Repertoire Level “H” or higher (ie, Bach/Handel Sonatas, Mozart Concerti, Hindemith Sonata, or works from the Flute Music by French Composers collection); see nfaonline.org for more repertoire suggestions
  • Sightreading


  • Three contrasting works of your choice (etudes or solos) representing three different historical time periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary); ideally, repertoire should be from NFA Graded Repertoire Level “J” or higher; see nfaonline.org for more repertoire suggestions
  • Four orchestral excerpts of your choice
  • Sightreading



  • All major and minor scales
  • Chromatic scale (low B-flat to high F)
  • Two contrasting pieces/movements of your choice
  • Sight-reading


  • Scales as requested
  • Two or three complete major works
  • Representative orchestra excerpts
Created 07/26/2021
Last Updated 07/26/2021