Areas of Study

The University of Kentucky School of Music offers degree programs within programs of study as well as Minors in Music Performance and Music Theory & History. Our performance areas are brass, keyboards, percussion, strings, voice, and winds; each boasting world-class faculty on a variety of instruments. Additionally, we have research programs for scholars and professional training for teachers. Please follow the links below or in the menu to find out more about each discipline.

Students may also be interested in the more general and comprehensive B.A. in Music. The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides the flexibility multidisciplinary degree students need with a grounding in music theory, history, and performance. The route provides a liberal arts approach to the study of a fine arts discipline. As the most flexible degree in the School of Music, the Bachelor of Arts in Music is a smart choice for students who are considering a double major or will pursue another discipline at the University of Kentucky alongside Music.  An audition is still required for entry into the School of Music, see the Auditions & Admissions page for information on how to apply.

You can also find links to official UK documents about degree types and degree requirements on the CFA Degree Programs page.


Music Education BMME


The major in music education is the joint concern of the School of Music in the College of Fine Arts and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education.

Music Liberal Arts BA


The Bachelor of Arts in Music curriculum consists of music theory, music history, ensemble performance, private lessons and a foreign language requirement. Students will also complete at least 12 hours of related electives outside the School of Music.

Music Performance MM, DMA


Our students have performed with renowned artists including Lang Lang, Itzhak Perlman, Joshua Bell and more. Our faculty are world renown performers practicing their craft on a global scale.

Music Therapy MM


Students who have an undergraduate degree in music therapy may pursue the 30-credit hour Master of Music in Music Therapy degree, which includes a thesis or clinical project. A combined equivalency/master degree program is available for students without an undergraduate degree in music therapy.

Musicology & Ethnomusicology MA PhD


The Division of Musicology and Ethnomusicology of the UK School of Music offers a superior education in musicology with its diverse faculty of scholars, its dual emphasis on traditional research and creative explorations in the field, its focus on collaborations between scholarship and performanc

Music Education MM, PhD


Alumni in music education are teaching in the public schools of some 26 states as well as in positions at universities such as UCLA, University of Florida, Syracuse University, and more.

Minor in Music Performance


Students may concentrate on either Music Performance or Music Theory and History. An audition is required for students pursuing the Music Performance track. 

Minor in Music Theory and History


The Minor in Music curriculum consists of music theory, music history, ensemble performance, and private lessons. The Music Theory and History option requires three credit hours of private lessons or ensemble performance. 

Certificate in Eurhythmics

Graduate Certificate

The Dalcroze approach has three branches: Eurhythmics trains the body to respond kinesthetically to rhythmic and dynamic concepts. Solfège trains the ear, eye, and voice in pitch, melody, and harmony.

Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy

Graduate Certificate

As required by the Graduate School, students who wish to be admitted into this certificate curriculum should complete a graduate application, submit transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

Certificate in Baroque Trumpet

Undergraduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate

Students examine the stylistic aspects of Baroque music through primary sources from the Baroque era, prominent secondary sources on Baroque interpretation, and music from the Baroque era on the natural trumpet.

Certificate in Orff Schulwerk

Graduate Certificate

The Schulwerk was created by composers Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman in Europe. The emphasis is on students as improvisers and performers. It is the most exciting way to teach and learn music.

Musical Theatre Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate

Students in this interdisciplinary program train with experts in Private Voice Coaching, Musical Theatre Dance and Technique as well as Master Classes and Musical Theatre Productions and Performances.

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