UK composer Juan Trigos awarded Azrieli Commission for International Music

The University of Kentucky’s very own Juan Trigos was awarded with the 2024 Azrieli Commission for International Music. Trigos, in his first year at UK School of Music, is a composer, conductor and assistant professor of music theory and composition.

By Tatum Armstrong
Originally published in UKNow, Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023

The Mexican American composer’s output includes six operas, four symphonies, three cantatas, concertos for several instruments and diverse chamber music. His Symphony No. 3 “Offering to the Dead,” notably one of his most important pieces, was commissioned by the Houston Symphony.

Trigos will create a choral piece for a cappella choir and up to four additional instruments and/or vocal soloist(s) that will be premiered by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra Chorus at The Azrieli Music Prizes (AMP) Gala Concert in mid-to-late October 2024. Subsequently his piece will be given two international premieres and be professionally recorded for a future commercial release. In addition, he will receive a cash prize of $50,000 Canadian dollars.

The Azrieli Commission for International Music encourages composers worldwide to foster a greater understanding of humanity’s diverse cultural heritage, both creatively and critically, through music. Trigos’ submission displayed artistry, technical mastery and professional expertise granting him this esteemed award.

The assistant professor will attend the rehearsals, performances and recording of his prize-winning work, and will be publicly honored at the AMP Gala Concert in Montreal.

Created 11/30/2023
Last Updated 11/30/2023