Art History & Visual Studies Programs

Degrees Available
Art History & Visual Studies (AVHS) majors are trained to develop astute observational tools that help them better analyze our image-rich world.

Art History & Visual Studies BA


The ability to accurately observe the visual world and articulate its meaning are valuable skills in a broad range of fields including law, medicine, information technology, education, and museum work.

Art History & Visual Studies MA


The curriculum is structured to provide breadth and depth of inquiry through a variety of approaches to art history and, more broadly, visual studies.

Curatorial Studies MFA


With courses in art history, art studio, art education, and arts administration—among others—the MFA offers an individualized interdisciplinary degree that prepares students to be highly competitive in a diverse job market.

Art History Minor


Art History is a particularly good minor for students majoring in other fields in the the humanities or the arts.

Students from any college may choose to minor in Art History.

Created 08/12/2021
Last Updated 08/12/2021