James Robert Southard captured a series of portraits of creatives for Ace Magazine.
Through her research, Yuha Jung provides tested, useful models for governing and running museums, cultural heritage sites and other types of arts organizations that can be more inclusive of diverse community needs.
SA/VS associate professor Miriam Kienle has received a Millard Meiss Award for spring 2022 for her forthcoming book, Queer Connections: Ray Johnson’s Correspondence Art Network.
Emily Durocher, DMA candidate in percussion performance, has been recognized by the SAI Music Fraternity for her excellence in percussion and piano performance.
As a South Arts State Fellow, Crystal Gregory will serve as the representative from Kentucky, one of the organization's nine member states.
To reflect the tremendous growth the Creative Arts LLP has experienced in just a few years, students collaborate on a mural that showcases the creativity of this ever growing community.
We had the chance to connect with four of our SA/VS student-athletes to discuss the symbiosis between their creativity and athletics.
UK Choirs' choral program is considered Top 7 in the country because of its number of invites to ACDA conferences. Recently three UK Choirs ensembles, under the direction of three different conductors, were invited to perform at professional conventions within a span of three weeks.
New Orchestra Management Handbook by Travis Newton Set for February 1, 2022 Release Date 
As University of Kentucky students hit the Alumni Gym this semester, a new Wildcat mural created by students in the School of Art and Visual Studies will greet and inspire them as they meet those new fitness goals.