Areas of Study

The College of Fine Arts offers Kentucky’s broadest collection of visual and performing arts academic programs. By studying the arts, our students have the creativity, discipline, leadership, and adaptability to achieve success in many creative careers.

Music Performance Programs


Our ensembles have performed at prestigious venues including the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall and have enjoyed international tours to China, Italy, France, Spain and more. Our students have performed with renowned artists including Lang Lang, Itzhak Perlman, Joshua Bell and more.

Music Education Programs

Graduate Certificate

UK subscribes to the philosophy that training in music education should be as practical and hands-on as possible.

Music Liberal Arts


The Bachelor of Arts in Music curriculum consists of music theory, music history, ensemble performance, private lessons and a foreign language requirement. Students will also complete at least 12 hours of related electives outside the School of Music.

Curatorial Studies MFA


Application Deadline: January 6

Contemporary curatorial practice has expanded to embrace creative modes of selecting, presenting, and framing a vast array of cultural products, including artworks.

Musical Theatre Certificate

Undergraduate Certificate

Students in this interdisciplinary program train with experts in Private Voice Coaching, Musical Theatre Dance and Technique as well as Master Classes and Musical Theatre Productions and Performances.

Photography Minor


With over a billion photographs being created everyday, it has never been more important to understand how to make compelling images.

Interdisciplinary Arts Minor


As the most flexible minor in the College of Fine Arts, the Interdisciplinary Arts Minor allows students to craft their own course of study in at least two arts disciplines.

Certificate in Baroque Trumpet

Undergraduate Certificate
Graduate Certificate

Students examine the stylistic aspects of Baroque music through primary sources from the Baroque era, prominent secondary sources on Baroque interpretation, and music from the Baroque era on the natural trumpet.

Certificate in Theory Pedagogy

Graduate Certificate

Our program is small enough to enable extensive direct contact with faculty, and our graduates find themselves well-prepared for their careers or further study.

Coordinator of the Theory & Composition Division: Kevin Holm-Hudson.

Graduate Certificate in Fundraising and Development

Graduate Certificate

Nonprofit organizations across the United States vie for knowledgeable and skilled fundraisers, resulting in a steady demand and a strong job market.  This graduate certificate is designed to strengthen fundraising experience, knowledge and skills of professionals  currently working or

Certificate in Orff Schulwerk

Graduate Certificate

The Schulwerk was created by composers Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman in Europe. The emphasis is on students as improvisers and performers. It is the most exciting way to teach and learn music.

Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy

Graduate Certificate

As required by the Graduate School, students who wish to be admitted into this certificate curriculum should complete a graduate application, submit transcripts, and letters of recommendation.


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Created 08/04/2021
Last Updated 02/07/2023