Music Liberal Arts

Degrees Available
The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides the flexibility multidisciplinary students need with a grounding in music theory, history and performance. Popular with students pursuing double majors, the BA in Music provides a liberal arts approach to the study of this fine arts discipline.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music curriculum consists of music theory, music history, ensemble performance, private lessons and a foreign language requirement. Students will also complete at least 12 hours of related electives outside the School of Music.

All majors in the School of Music must pass a piano proficiency exam in order to graduate. Students will also complete 30 hours of UK Core. The College of Fine Arts additionally requires that all majors complete 6 hours of coursework outside their departments but within the College of Fine Arts and at least 39 hours of courses at or above the 300-level.

Created 08/13/2021
Last Updated 07/15/2024