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Experiencing a display or performance issue with  Spotted a broken link, typo, or inaccuracy?  Report it here!

Browser version numbers can usually be found in the Help -> About menu (Windows) or the program specific menu of the application menu bar (Mac).

If you are using Internet Explorer please be sure you are viewing the site with Compatibility Mode OFF.  Compatibility Mode emulates very old and unsupported versions of IE.  Modern websites will never display correctly when viewed in Compatibility Mode, and bug fixes cannot be made for errors found only in Compatibility Mode.

If we cannot reproduce your error on our machines or devices, we may contact you asking for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: This reporting tool is only for bugs and issues found on  If you find an issue on any other UKY.EDU site, please look for a reporting tool or webmaster contact for the specific unit/college where the error occurred.  We unfortunately cannot help with bugs on other sites, and do not know all the webmasters on campus.

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If you are on a mobile device, default browsers are usually the ones related to the company who produces them. iPhone - Safari, Android - Chrome, Windows - Internet Explorer or "Edge". However, this may not always be the case, please be sure to check before assuming. If you have installed and use a different browser on your device please list it here. Inaccurate information may prevent us from helping you.
Mobile browsers also have version numbers. These are usually listed in the browser app's Settings.
Please be as specific as possible. ALWAYS LINK TO THE PAGE WHERE YOU EXPERIENCE THE PROBLEM. Vague reports will greatly reduce our chances of fixing the error.
Screenshots of problems happening help greatly in identifying and solving the error! How to take a screenshot varies between systems and devices. If you don't know how to take a screenshot, please search for "How to take a screenshot on *system/device*" where *system/device* is your system and/or device combination. Some directions may be complicated but you should NOT have to install any programs to save a screenshot. Please be wary of any instructions that tell you to install a new program. If we cannot reproduce the error as described, we may have to contact you asking for a screenshot of the issue.
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Created 08/25/2021
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