Digital Media Design

Creativity and Design Without Limits   

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Digital Media Design prepares students to make exciting and expressive work as a creative professional. Our program is defined by curiosity—not set paths or rigid tracks. This challenging degree asks students to explore multiple areas within art and design—including graphic design, digital drawing and illustration, photography, video, animation, digital fabrication, augmented and virtual reality, physical computing, printmedia, and more.

A degree in Digital Media Design is flexible. Students pursue their own interests while honing skills valuable for professional work. Our graduates have enjoyed professional success in a wide range of roles in art and design.

Students in the Digital Media Design program begin in foundations classes where they learn new ways to express themselves and their ideas. Classes in drawing, digital art, 3D forms, and the history of art provide essential skills for success.

The BS in Digital Media Design requires an “Outside Exploration”—12 credits from courses beyond the School of Art and Visual Studies. This allows students to explore an area of curiosity outside the visual arts but within the University of Kentucky (a nationally recognized research institution). The Outside Exploration provides knowledge about subjects that inspire creative practices and creates connections that help students become critical, cross-disciplinary thinkers and makers.

The Digital Media Design major is a selective-admission program. Prospective students interested in this major must both apply TO UK as an undergraduate student AND submit a successful application to SA/VS before they can declare the major. Admission into this program is competitive and takes into consideration academic performance and creative goals.

Digital Media Design BS


Students can emphasize areas like commercial photography or graphic design, or take coursework in web design and development, professional printmaking, or animation and fabrication.

Digital Media Design Minor


The minor offers the opportunity to study and practice a broad range of digital applications in the fields of graphic design, video and film production, web design, interactive design and fabrication, and photography.

Created 08/17/2021
Last Updated 02/05/2023