Theatre Scholarship Nominations

This form is for nominating qualified students for the Christopher Maier Memorial Scholarship or the Mary A. Stephenson Scholarship.


This award of up to $1,000 is made to one theatre major at the end of the spring semester based upon student and faculty nominations. The recipient should exhibit a passion for theatre, generosity of spirit, a caring attitude towards all, and a zest for life. This scholarship was established in Junior Theatre student Chris Maier’s memory by his family, fraternity and friends.

Submission deadline for nomination is April 2nd.

Mary A. Stephenson Scholarship

This scholarship is available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who demonstrate talent and desire for a career in the area of costume design and technology. Nominations can be made by Theatre & Dance faculty only. Stephenson was the costumer for the Department from 1968-1996.

Submission deadline for nomination is April 2nd.

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Please note: Individuals outside Theatre and Dance Faculty may only nominate a student for the Christopher Maier Memorial Scholarship. Please keep this in mind when making your statement below; we will only be reviewing this submission in light of the Christopher Maier Memorial requirements. Thank you for your nomination!
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Created 08/25/2021
Last Updated 07/13/2022