Metal Shop


349 Scott Street, Lexington, KY 40506

The Metal Shop is a full-service metal fabrication studio, located behind the old Reynolds Building on 349 Scott Street, accommodating both welded and cast metal techniques, and casting in wax, plaster and ceramics.
Building Image
Metal Arts Facility interior

The primary structure consists of 7,356 sq. ft., within which there is a 4,000 sq. ft. shop space housing among other items six MIG welders, two arc welders, a TIG welder, three Oxy-Acetalene torch outfits, two plasma torch outfits, 4' roller, 8' brake, 8"x24" industrial horizontal bandsaw, 16" vertical bandsaw, two chop saws, 4' throat english wheel, 2 industrial drill presses, fully stocked patination area, a coal forge, propane forge, two large indoor sandblast cabinets, two portable sandblasters, spray booth, two 300 gallon compressors, 2 ton jib crane, and a fork lift.


For accessibility options, please contact the School of Art and Visual Studies.