Visiting Artist Lecture - Joshua Y'barbo

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Art and Visual Studies Building Room 242
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Visiting Artist and Scholar Series

My studio work over the years reflects an impulse to piece things more significant than me together by combining my singular experience with uneasy collective guesswork about the world around us. I have followed postmodernity's use of visual allegory and personal metaphor as I create visual narratives that simultaneously represent my own experiences of the world and speculate how everything around me fits together. My most recent projects explore this ongoing existential crisis through simulation theory and nostalgia. As an artist and expert in participatory art and design, I have followed the principles that a new idea is a combination of old ideas and developing creative ideas or solutions to problems is about seeing and creating relationships. As a result, I have developed a process of techniques for creative problem-solving and producing unique ideas, which I use to create artwork and design art clubs.

Created 08/16/2023
Last Updated 09/01/2023