Disordered Creatures

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Disordered Creatures
Sept 29 – Oct 28 

Opening Reception: Friday, Sept. 29, 5 – 7pm 
Artist Panel with Crimson Duvall, Laurie Hogin, and Kelli Scott Kelley: Friday, Sept 29, noon

From Surrealist artists utilizing "exquisite corpses" to address the unconscious effects of post-war trauma to present-day artists who use "disordered companions" to grapple with mental health, artists have long created external imaginary characters to embody their emotional and psychological struggles. The artists in this exhibition craft metaphorical narratives with Disordered Creatures that become empathic vessels for materializing anxieties, fears, and traumas. The three contemporary women artists - Crimson Duvall, Laurie Hogan, and Kelli Scott Kelley - use feminist methods of care and myth making to address the psyche and create pathways for viewers to do the same. Their creatures are toxic yet tactile, acidic yet inviting, disturbing yet endearing. With intense color palettes and material sensitivity, their works resonate with complex emotional states. In Disordered Companions, curated by Katherine Gemperline, psychological states are brought into being in order to externalize, examine, and engage mysterious regions of the mind.

Image Credits:
Crimson Duvall, 2012, …The Hunter Becomes the Hunted…, Clay, Acrylic
Kelli Scott Kelley, 2021, The Last Supper Acrylic on repurposed linens 43” x 45”

Created 08/16/2023
Last Updated 08/17/2023