Blood Meal

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Artist performing Blood Meal

The collaborative multimedia performance and installation, Blood Meal, illustrates the lifecycle of an organism by bringing the grotesqueries of organic development into focus. As a cluster of organisms slowly coagulate into an amorphous whole, the projection and audio swell to reveal a life form within the light of the circular projection. A series of articulate and pointed movements conjure a recognizable creature, emerging from the fabric womb. Punctuated by percussive events of trauma and growth, the performance escalates into a crescendo of vitality. The apex of the life form is short-lived, with its primary function complete. The creature fades into the seasonal tide without fanfare. A brief period of mourning holds space for the loss that occurred. The performance concludes on a breath, an omen for future cycles. The body consumes itself to multiply, achieving immortality paradoxically within its demise.

Created and Performed by Katina Bitsicas and Rachel Strickland

Created 08/31/2022
Last Updated 08/31/2022