An Anthropologist in Outer Space

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Humanity in Deep Space

An Anthropologist in Outer Space

Human space exploration and colonization continues to present unique challenges with each new venture. Some of these challenges are scientific and technological but many more are cultural and ethical. Throughout her research, Space Anthropologist Savannah Mandel draws from cultural studies to confront a wide range of social, political, and moral debates surrounding deep space exploration. Join her in a conversation to discuss how these issues might be overcome as humanity transitions into a spacefaring civilizations.

Mandel focuses on outer space and large-scale technological systems. She holds multiple degrees in Anthropology and is a PhD candidate at Virginia Tech. Mandel has worked at Spaceport America, written space policy for the commercial spaceflight industry, and is a lead collaborator with Humanity in Deep Space. Her debut book Ground Control: An Argument For The End of Space Exploration is to be published in 2024.

Created 09/18/2023
Last Updated 09/18/2023