Animation and Virtual Reality

What moves you?

girl with vr headsetAnimation has a long history and a bright future – at the UK School of Art and Visual Studies, learn the 2D and 3D skills you need to build a career working in the wide gamut that is animation!

SA/VS has outstanding production facilities and equipment for animators, including six computer labs with drawing tablets, 2D and 3D scanners, a well-equipped lighting studio, and a sound recording and editing booth. We also house a digital fabrication lab with 3-D printers, a CNC router, and laser cutters/engravers. In addition, over eighty DSLR cameras and more than a hundred video units equipped with professional lenses, mics, and accessories are available in our media center for student use.  

At the School of Art and Visual Studies, our rotating animation courses will introduce you to a wide range of topics, including: Motion Design, where students learn the basics of kinetic typography, infographics, logo/brand design, and sound design with Adobe After Effects. In Experimental 2D Animation, students explore the use of both traditional and cutting-edge techniques in rotoscoping, frame-by-frame, motion graphics, and stop motion animation. In Character Animation class, students develop character designs and rigs, which are then animated inside Adobe After Effects; emphasis is placed on storyboarding/ storytelling. Finally, our Experimental 3D Animation class offers the basics of 3D sculpting, rigging, and animating inside the Blender creation suite and introduces technologies including 3D scanning, projection mapping, and augmented reality. Furthermore, new classes in Virtual and Augmented Reality are now in the pipeline.  

In a unique finale, each semester, animated works from these courses are featured in a student film festival.


A-S 343 Animation: Motion Design 
Students will learn the fundamentals of character design and character rigging for animation inside Adobe CC. Projects will include the following components: storyboard, sound design, compositing, and motion capture. Emphasis will be placed on experimentation with both form and content 

A-S 343 Animation: Experimental 2d 
This broad, cross-disciplinary studio course will introduce students to a variety of animation techniques. Students learn the basics of animation through exploration of various tools and software while examining both historical and contemporary animated works.  

A-S 343 Animation: Experimental 3d 
Students will learn a variety of techniques for animating digital forms inside a 3d creation suite (Blender). Projects will include introductions to modeling, texturing, rigging, scanning, and simulation. Emphasis will be placed on non-narrative storytelling. 


Paul Rodgers / Lecturer
Chad Eby / Assistant Professor
Siavash Tohidi / Lecturer

Affiliated Faculty

Dima Strakovsky / Associate Professor
David Wischer / Assistant Professor