Vocal Competition for Young Singers 2022

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$35 advanced registration to participate
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The primary mission of this competition is to encourage and support exceptionally gifted high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who currently display potential for success in solo classical voice performance. Cash prizes will be awarded.  

Repertoire requirements

  1. Participants must offer three selections for the competition.
  2. At least two songs or arias from the standard "classical" vocal repertoire - folk songs & Spirituals included; one selection may be from the musical theatre repertoire. However, a musical theatre piece is not required.
  3. Operatic arias are not required. Should a competitor decide to offer an operatic aria, no more than one age-appropriate aria is recommended.
  4. At least one selection must be in a language other than English. 

Registration Due: Friday, September 17, 2022
Registration is limited to 30 participants

Contact the Competition Administrator: youngsingerscomp@uky.edu

Created 06/16/2022
Last Updated 06/17/2022