Sacred Music

Degrees Available
The School of Music offers the Master of Music (M.M.) with specialty areas in performance including an MM in Sacred Music.

The information presented here is for your convenience. Be sure to always check the official UK Catalog for curriculum and degree requirements.

UK Requirements: (27)  

  • MUS 660 Choral Methods (3)  
  • Music History and Literature (3)  
  • Music Theory (including a minimum of one course from MUS 670, 671, 672, or 676) (3)  
  • Ensemble (2)  
  • Music Education (Choose from MUS 560, MUS 561, MUS 650 or other graduate music education course in consultation with advisor) (3) 
  • Internship (3)  
  • Specialized area of study (10)  

Course work at an accredited seminary or other institution specializing in religious studies (6-9) (Choose from topics such as Music in Worship, Designing Worship, Congregation, Worship and Spirituality, Worship and Music in the Liturgical Year, or other courses. Credits must be completed with a grade “B” or above and must be transferred to UK officially prior to graduation)  

Total (33)  

Created 08/18/2021
Last Updated 09/13/2023