Sacred Music

Degrees Available
The School of Music offers the Master of Music (M.M.) with specialty areas in performance including an MM in Sacred Music.

UK Requirements: (27)  

  • MUS 660 Choral Methods (3)  
  • Music History and Literature (3)  
  • Music Theory (including a minimum of one course from MUS 670, 671, 672, or 676) (3)  
  • Ensemble (2)  
  • Music Education (Choose from MUS 560, MUS 561, MUS 650 or other graduate music education course in consultation with advisor) (3) 
  • Internship (3)  
  • Specialized area of study (10)  

Course work at an accredited seminary or other institution specializing in religious studies (6-9) (Choose from topics such as Music in Worship, Designing Worship, Congregation, Worship and Spirituality, Worship and Music in the Liturgical Year, or other courses. Credits must be completed with a grade “B” or above and must be transferred to UK officially prior to graduation)  

Total (33)  

Created 08/18/2021
Last Updated 02/09/2022