Future Students

Are you the Creative Type?

Do you find yourself “explaining” your creative passion to others? Do you defend your choice to participate in the arts to your friends?

Whether marching on the football field with a 25-pound tuba, blowing up Snapchat with pics of your city, or sweating your summer away in an outdoor summer stock, is your happy place on the margins? You’re a creative type. You value new ideas, you bend the rules, you challenge reality, you make meaning through art.

We get you because we’re like you. At the UK College of Fine Arts, you can be you. Refine and discover your talent. Develop new skills that will propel you toward a successful career in whatever you choose. Change the world. Don’t fit in, stand out.

Everyone has a place here.

“Instead of being lost in a sea of students, I have made real connections and recognize familiar faces and acquaintances on the University sidewalks and throughout Lexington who I know share the same passions and interests as me despite the breadth and diversity of our backgrounds.”
–Hayley, Art Studio Alum

Our students tell our story best. Yes, we have more than 31 degree programs, a low faculty/student ratio, and national accreditation. Yes, we offer opportunities for research, education abroad, performances and exhibitions. But our students will tell you that UK CFA is more than that. It is a perfect balance of small college within a large university. UK CFA encourages individual expression. It offers close personal connections with peers and faculty that share your passion for the arts. It fosters your skills and arms you with the tools to discover your path as a creative leader.

This is where you belong.

You are NOT a number. UK is big, but CFA is small. With about 900 students on a campus of 30,000, we’re the best of both worlds: the resources of a large university with the intimacy of a small college. We have a low faculty/student ratio, making mentorships a pivotal part of the learning experience. Here, your faculty know more than your name and are committed to helping you reach your potential.

Creativity has become one of the most important leadership qualities for success in business. Now more than ever the world needs creative thinkers and practitioners who can reimagine reality and reinvent the rules. At the University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts, we are passionate and dedicated to the exploration of creativity, problem solving, theory, analysis, and discovery.



The creative sector is growing and our graduates are prepared to lead the way.

In a global study of CEOs in a variety of industries, IBM found that the most vital skill for future success was creativity. So, even in non-arts industries, arts graduates are poised to stand out. Arts participation can foster improved academic achievement, self-expression, development of social capital, and economic growth. By studying the arts, you will have the creativity, discipline, leadership and adaptability to prepare you for the workforce.

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We know it can be overwhelming to prepare your young adult for college, and if they show an interest in the arts you might have some specific questions. You are not alone! Below are some common questions we hear from parents.

Are scholarships & financial aid available to fine arts students?

Visit our Scholarships & Financial Aid page to learn more.

Can my student graduate in four years?

Our curricula are built to promote student success. Even with a double major, it is possible for students to graduate on time. With professional advising, we help students stay on track and pay attention to their major requirements.

How prepared will my student be for the job market?

We strive to give students real world experience in their field while completing their degree. Our students have interned with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, and more. But that’s just part of the story. One of our students worked side-by-side with the social media team responsible for promoting Broadway's Hamilton, even holding the coveted Tony Award! Another student journeyed to New Zealand to manage marketing and technology needs for a theatre collective and a community art organization. Real-world experience through an internship significantly boosts a graduate's network, hireability, and perspective of their field.

Check out our Alumni Tumblr to learn about the impact our graduates are making around the world.

Is there a group for parents?

The UK Parents Association engages parents and families of students through publications, programs, and services.

What Is FERPA?

FERPA is the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974, and all educational institutions in the United States must comply. To learn more about FERPA's effect on parents' access to college student academic records, visit the UK Registrar's page.