Classroom Concert Series

Spring 2021 Videos on Vimeo

Fall 2020 Recorded Concerts

You can also tune into WRFL Tuesdays, 8-10pm to hear these recordings!

Music to transcend physical distancing. The University of Kentucky School of Music brings our student ensembles off the Singletary stages and into your living room. While we can't gather for live performances, our student musicians are still honing their craft. Our series of class recordings builds bridges to connect our patrons with our students. 

“There are many reasons why ensemble experiences are crucial components of a musical education,” says Dr. Stanley Pelkey, Director of the UK School of Music. “Beyond the sheer joy that can come from making music together, music majors hone their skills as performers, learn important musical repertoire, develop collaborative relationships, and observe rehearsal techniques – which many will use in their own careers as ensemble directors – through their collegiate ensemble experiences. Each of these curricular goals can be met with or without audiences. But ensembles performing for others in private and public settings has an incredibly long history. So, it seemed necessary to find ways to continue to connect to our audiences, despite the pandemic. At the same time, a century of social and technological change has put pressure on arts organizations to consider how to use technology, whether video recording or live streaming, to connect with and build new audiences. We have an opportunity to try out some new approaches that could become the basis for further, intentional curricular development in music entrepreneurship, arts management, audio engineering, and music technology broadly. “

Singletary Center Director of Operations Matt Gibson explains.

"The work of the Singletary Center staff has changed significantly this year, but the core of our efforts remains the same – to support the students, faculty, and performers in the College of Fine Arts in their quest to hone their artistic skills and to connect their artistry with audiences...Despite the look of our event calendar, our halls are anything but empty and silent.”

In a typical semester, students at the UK School of Music enjoy hundreds of opportunities each year to perform in solo recitals, chamber groups and our more than 30 diverse instrumental and vocal ensembles. To maintain the performance curriculum essential to our student's success, the Classroom Concert Series will be recorded during regularly scheduled class periods and available for viewing here.