2024 George R. Boulden Honor Band Festival: Honors Wind Ensemble Auditions

In order to be considered for the 2024 Honors Wind Ensemble, please fill out this form in its entirety. An audio recording must be submitted with this form. DO NOT COMPLETE THE FORM UNTIL YOUR RECORDING IS READY AND HOSTED ON AN EXTERNAL SERVICE. This recording must be in MP3 format and include the following:

Woodwinds & Brass

  1. State your Name, School, Instrument, and Year in School.
  2. Two contrasting etudes or solo excerpts (one lyrical and one technical), combined for a total of 5 minutes maximum. 


  1. State your Name, School, Instrument, and Year in School 
  2. Include 5-10 minutes from AT LEAST two areas(excerpts of full works are appropriate). Your completed recorded submission must total 5 minutes minimum. Areas include:
    1. Concert Snare Drum
    2. Mallets
    3. Timpani
    4. Multi-Percussion

Please upload your MP3 recording to your preferred file sharing site and provide the link below. Your application will not be considered until your audition recording has been submitted.

If accepted, the registration fee is $75/performer. Payment information will be provided upon acceptance. 

Deadline: December 15th

We look forward to hearing from you!
Abby Temple 
Administrative Assistant, University of Kentucky Bands 
(859) 257-2263

Created 11/22/2021
Last Updated 12/14/2023