2023 Junior Trumpet Institute

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$250 Institute Tuition
$125 Optional Room and Board
Online Registration Required
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Returning for the sixth year, the UK Summer Trumpet Institute offers classes geared toward younger players, with an emphasis on sound production, breathing, reading, ensemble playing, and other fundamental skills.  After two summers of virtual learning, we are excited to return to an in-person format for summer 2022.

Youth Camp Director: Abby Temple


  • Warm-up classes
  • Fundamentals Classes
  • Sight-reading strategies
  • Trumpet ensemble sessions
  • Recreational activities and games


  • Marie Speziale, Rice University (Emeritus)
  • Tito Carrillo, University of Illinois
  • Ryan Gardner, University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Vince DiMartino, International Soloist
  • George Carpten, Northern Kentucky University
  • Jared Wallis, Ithaca College
  • Julia Bell, Tarleton State University
  • Oscar Passley, Dallas College
  • Stanley Curtis, Colorado State University
  • Marisa Youngs, Winthrop University
  • Stephen Campbell, Ball State University
  • Nairam Simoes, Arkansas State University
  • Jeff Barrington, Asbury University
  • Abby Temple, University of Kentucky
  • Jason Dovel, University of Kentucky

Tuition for the four-day institute is $250.
Room and Board (optional) is $125
Registration Deadline: May 23, 2023

A Senior Institute is also available for High School, College, and Adult trumpet students!

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Created 11/23/2021
Last Updated 02/01/2023