Vocal Competition for Young Singers

For the health and safety of students and families, the 2020 University of Kentucky Vocal Competition for Young Singers will be a virtual event.

The primary mission of this competition is to encourage and support exceptionally gifted high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who currently display potential for success in solo classical voice performance. Cash prizes will be awarded.  

Registration is limited to 35 participants and may close early.
Registration Deadline: Friday, September 25, 2020

Repertoire requirements: 
1) Two pieces must be submitted for the competition. 
2) One piece must be from the classical repertoire; only one piece may be from the musical theatre repertoire. However, a musical theatre piece is not required.  
3) Operatic arias are not required. Should a competitor decide to offer an operatic aria, no more than one age-appropriate aria is recommended.  
4) At least one selection must be in a language other than English. 

See our Guidelines for Video Submission and How to Create a Quality Video Submission.

Video Submissions due: Friday, October 9, 2020

After your registration and fee are submitted, you will receive a repertoire form to complete and your teacher will receive a recommendation form to complete. Applications are considered complete when the registration, fee, repertoire form, and teacher recommendation have been received by the competition administrator. Once all items are received, each participant will be provided a unique link to upload their videos to a private folder.

The Online Awards Ceremony is Saturday October 24, 2020.

Contact the Competition Administrator: youngsingerscomp@uky.edu




The Independent or Choral Educator who is recommending participation.


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