A Recreational Music Making Program to Enhance Student Training, Wellness, and Community Engagement

Musical participation has been shown to provide both musical and non-musical benefits. Studies suggest that music can enhance cognitive functioning (Hanna-Pladdy & Grady, 2012), reduce stress, and provide valuable social support (Bittman, 2005; Ghetti, Hama, & Woolrich). Musical participation has also been shown to improve mood and decrease anxiety (Bittman, 2005; Bittman et al., 2003; Bruhn & Clari, 1999Koga, 2005). Finally, studies have shown that active music can making can even decrease burnout (Bittman, 2005; Bittman et al., 2003).

In light of the health benefits of recreational music making, the University of Kentucky School of Music has developed this music and wellness program. This 10-week piano-based workshop will emphasize musical learning, group support, and quality of life enhancement. mUsiKcare is currently open to individuals ages 50 and over and utilizes technology, wellness strategies, and learning methods geared specifically toward adult learners. Participants will also be able to interact with UK faculty and students as part of the program.

Program specifics:

  • Weekly group-based piano classes
  • Classes are approximately one hour in length
  • Piano “semesters” run approximately 10 weeks
  • Class size: 6 persons per group
  • Cost: $225 per individual (includes a $25 non-refundable registration/materials fee)