DMA Lecture Recital "Ecuadorian Vocal Anthology in Four Rhythms" by Wagner Mauricio Pástor Pazmiño

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"Ecuadorian Vocal Anthology in Four Rhythms" by Wagner Mauricio Pástor Pazmiño

Doctoral Lecture Recital Voice Performance in collaboration with Dr Martin Néron and Soprano Andrea Salazar-Pástor


Ecuador is a multi-diverse territory with four natural regions and several musical interpretations. Amazon, Galápagos, Mountain Range, and Coastal region. In the following lecture recital, the author will develop concepts of four traditional rhythms, their composers, and harmonic and phonetic characteristics from the mountain range region of his homeland. The present collection is a descriptive study of traditional vocal Ecuadorian Andean music and the application of the operatic vocal technique in performance practice. The lecture recital is offered to fulfill the doctoral program's requirements in voice performance from the University of Kentucky.

Research question:

Why and how operatic technique enhances and promotes traditional Ecuadorian music?

Clear intonation and supported melodic lines accompanied by guitar or piano music. As in Lied, Melodie, and Italian art songs. Ecuadorian music has the potential to appear in the standard art song repertoire. A trained voice can bring nuances into the spectrum of embellishments from portamentos, extreme dynamics, and word painting from a musical world highly diverse of poetry and harmonies.

Wagner Mauricio Pástor is an Ecuadorian tenor, voice student of Dr Everett McCorvey at the Univiersity of Kentucky. For more information about Wagner, please visit:

Created 02/13/2023
Last Updated 02/13/2023