Appalachia in the Bluegrass: Larah Helayne

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Part of the Appalachia in the Bluegrass Series

Larah Helayne is a 20 something, Queer, Appalachian musician; writing banjo pop songs for the adolescent and adventurous. Larah strives for their sound to be “some serendipitous mix of the high lonesome singing and banjo thrashing of the old-time greats, and the way that pop music seats sadness and sorrow in well-polished glory.”

In 2018, Larah released their debut acoustic EP “Roots.” Roots was, in essence, a love letter to Appalachia, and to all the people who raised, shaped, and made Larah.

While writing Roots, Larah unknowingly began writing songs for their recently released EP, “Good Riddance.” Departing from Roots with a full band and intricate production, the influences for Good Riddance range greatly; from Larah’s dedication to traditional folk music and classic country, to their love of 2010’s pop. Lyrically, Good Riddance is a time capsule of Larah’s teenagehood; a time equally as miserable as it was magical.

Now based in Brooklyn, NY, Larah continues to expand their artistic horizons. They are hard at work loving, creating, and building community, with hopes to record their latest full length record in 2023!

Created 09/01/2023
Last Updated 09/25/2023