Orff Schulwerk at UK

What students are saying...

Lindsey Duncan Level 2 (2016)
Saint Agnes Parish School; Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky
"The Orff Levels have been the most transformational teacher training that I have received post-grad. The material is accessible to my students and brings out their best musicianship."

Macaulley Whitlock Level 1 (2016)
American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico
"I thought it was well put together and appreciated the quality of teachers. All around a great and worthwhile opportunity!"

Sheri Tadlock Level 2 (2016)
Wayne County Board of Education; Wayne, WV
"The staff was very friendly, helpful, welcoming, knowledgeable. I was impressed with the way things were handled and what the UK staff added to the course and special topics."

Orff Schulwerk is “Music for Children”, a way to teach and learn music using poems, rhymes, games, songs, and dances as basic materials. The Schulwerk was created by composers Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman in Europe. The emphasis is on students as improvisers and performers. It is the most exciting way to teach and learn music. The University of Kentucky has offered Schulwerk certification for teachers for over twenty years, taught by a most prestigious team of master teachers.  These training courses, if taken for credits, can be used to count towards a Graduate Certificate in Orff Schulwerk and a MM degree concentrating in Orff Schulwerk.

For questions about Orff Schulwerk Training, contact Dr. Martina Vasil at (859) 257-8203 or martina.vasil@uky.edu.

Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training

2021 information not yet available

Public registration for online courses is being offered through UK's new Catalog service. All prices listed are for PD hours. If you are interested in taking any of these courses for university credit, please contact martina.vasil@uky.edu. Course content follows the curriculum approved by the American Orff-Schulwerk Association. Courses meet online Monday-Friday 11am-12:15pm EST (timezone converter).

Artful-Playful-Mindful in Action

Prerequisite: None
The purpose of this course is to explore Jane Frazee’s Artful-Playful-Mindful model, a project-based framework for active music learning, characterized by performing, creating and thinking about musical ideas.

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Popular Music and Orff Schulwerk

with Martina Vasil
Prerequisite: None

Interested in bringing popular music into your classroom? This course is for teachers to learn strategies for integrating popular music into the Orff Schulwerk classroom. The focus will be on lesson development and sharing. The class also includes learning about the characteristics of informal learning and nonformal teaching.

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The Art of Child’s Play

with Martina Vasil
Prerequisite: None

The purpose of this course is for teachers to learn how to adapt playground games, songs, and chants for the classroom. The focus will be on lesson development and sharing. The course will include reading texts about playground games and "kid" culture.

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