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An immersive one-day professional development experience for Kentucky high school arts educators and guidance counselors. Events include dynamic workshops, collaborative sessions, and resource sharing.

This unique professional development opportunity is crafted to meet the specific needs of arts teachers, providing a platform to enhance skills, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration. Engage in hands-on workshops led by experienced educators, participate in collaborative sessions that encourage the sharing of best practices, and connect with fellow arts teachers from across the state.

Whether you teach visual arts, music, theater, or dance, this conference is tailored to support your professional growth and enhance the impact you have on your students. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a community dedicated to advancing the field of arts education.

Day-of Schedule

9:30-9:45am: Registration and Coffee


9:45-9:55am: Welcome from the Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Mark Shanda

A warm welcome from the Dean of Fine Arts, accompanied by morning refreshments - a perfect prelude to your day of creative exploration!

10-11am: Concurrent Workshops (subject to change)
  • Mastering Mini-Grants
    Dr. Winter Phong, Assistant Professor of Arts Administration
    Gain insights into identifying opportunities, crafting compelling proposals, and navigating the intricacies of the mini-grant application process.

  • Introduction to Ballet
    Laura Neese, Lecturer
    This workshop will engage participants in an introductory level ballet class. We will explore the five basic positions of classical ballet, and experience both stationary and traveling exercises to practice coordination, balance, strength, and poise. No prior experience necessary. Bring your sense of play, and wear clothing you can move in.

  • Exploring Project-Based Learning with Keith Haring's Art & Hip Hop
    Dr. Martina Vasil, Associate Professor of Music Education and Director of Graduate Studies
    Engage in the public art of Keith Haring and 1980s hip hop music and breakdancing. This session may interest art, dance, and music teachers and any elementary/middle school teachers who are interested in arts integration and project-based learning.

11-11:15am: Networking Break

Connect with fellow attendees, share insights, chat with faculty from CFA and enjoy light refreshments during the networking break.

11:15am-noon: University of Kentucky Arts Program Offerings

Dive deep into University of Kentucky's degree and certificate offerings with a panel of chairs and directors, illuminating the diverse programs nurturing creativity across campus.

Facilitator: Assistant Dean David J. Kaiser, College of Fine Arts

Panelists: Dr. Rachel Shane, Department of Arts Administration; Professor Ruth Adams, School of Art and Visual Studies; Dr. Stan Pelkey, School of Music; Professor Peter Allen Stone and Melanie Turner, Department of the Theatre & Dance 

noon-12:45pm: Networking Lunch

Forge meaningful connections at this special networking lunch designed specifically for secondary arts teachers and UK’s College of Fine Arts faculty and staff.

12:45-1:15pm: CFA Student Panel

Get the inside scoop on the UK College of Fine Arts directly from students!

1:30-2:30pm: Concurrent Workshops (subject to change)
  • Improvisation
    Peter Allen Stone, Associate Professor of Theatre, Interim Chair
    Participants will explore the fundamentals of improvisation such as listening, saying “Yes, and…” to the circumstances, demonstrating a sense of play, and creating spontaneous scenes with the ensemble.

  • Accessible Technology Tools for Teaching & Collaboration
    Katie Mullen, Lecturer in Arts Administration and Director of Undergraduate Studies
    An introduction to a few free and intuitive tech tools that will enhance your classroom engagement, provide space for real-time collaboration, and make learning more fun.

  • Papermaking
    Jonathan McFadden, Professor of Print Media and Director of Graduate Studies
    The workshop will cover techniques for papermaking using minimal equipment. DIY construction of paper molds, dying, and making pulp will be covered.

  • Introduction to 3D Modeling
    Hannah Smith, Lecturer of Digital Design and Fabrication and Fabrication Lab Manager
    In this workshop, participants will learn how quickly 3D models and animations can be generated using Blender. This workshop will cover 3D modeling using Blender's intuitive Sculpt Mode as well as simple physics simulations to create animation. Blender is a free and open-source program making this a highly accessible skill for students of all backgrounds.

2:30-2:45: Networking Break

Connect with fellow attendees, share insights, chat with faculty from CFA and enjoy light refreshments during the networking break.

2:45-3:45pm: Concurrent Workshops (subject to change)
  • Design and Technology Resources: A creative approach
    Mark Shanda, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Professor of Theatre and Dance
    Come explore some active techniques for generating design ideas and technical solutions to your theatrical production needs! Leave with a new found list of resources and student activities for your future use.

  • Getting into a Creative State of Mind: Mindfulness Techniques for the Classroom
    Dr. Beth Arnold, Associate Dean for Assessment and Student Advancement and Professor of Music
    Through a discussion of several tenets of mindfulness, including intention, attention, attitude, curiosity, and gratitude, this presentation will offer suggestions to develop mindfulness skills for curiosity and creativity in the classroom.

  • Small-Scale Screen Printing
    Paul Rodgers, Senior Lecturer in Art Studio
    This workshop will focus on small-scale screen printing techniques and procedures. A quick overview of creating and operating a compact screen printing lab in virtually any space will precede demos.

  • Improving Musicianship in the Ensemble Music Room
    Dr. David Miller, Assistant Professor of Music Education
    Improving students' core musicianship skills is a foundation of long-term program building. This session will explore how to maximize student growth by using assessment and instructional strategies that improve student learning while maintaining great classroom management and pacing.

3:45-4:30pm: Teacher Unconference Session

An “Unconference Session” is a participant-driven and collaborative event where attendees collectively shape the agenda and content. Unlike traditional sessions, an unconference allows participants to propose, lead, and join discussions on topics that emerge organically, fostering a dynamic and interactive environment that encourages open dialogue and spontaneous collaboration. 

Facilitators: Dr. Rachel Shane, Chair and Professor of Arts Administration, Peter Allen Stone, Associate Professor of Theatre, Interim Chair

The $20 registration fee includes parking, lunch, and refreshments.

Created 01/09/2024
Last Updated 03/21/2024