Feb 12 2016 to May 22 2016
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Julien Dupre painting In The Pasture

One + One is a Permanent Collection installation that brings together several artists who repeat signature motifs and or utilize techniques that establish distinct states of the same image with small changes to composition or density. Their works question the notion of singularity and uniqueness in drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and painting; questioning the motives and methods of repetition. Andy Warhol and Kentucky folk artist Edgar Tolson unapologetically produced their art for a market, affirming that art and commerce have long walked hand in hand. Doris Ulmann, Paul-Cesar Helleu, and Sol Lewitt used different photographic and printmaking techniques or a variety of colored inks to alter the aesthetics of an image. Knox Martin produced closely related images in a series of lithographs, while Victor Hammer made two sketches of a leg with subtle variations in preparation for a painting.

We expect that the highlight of this installation will be the pairing of two almost identical paintings by Julien Dupré, whose canvas, In the Pasture from 1883, has long been a favorite of visitors to the UK Art Museum. An earlier painting by Dupré, In Pasture from 1882, has been borrowed from the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum in St. Louis, in order to create a wondrous compare and contrast scenario. The artist’s paintings of French agricultural life won even more praise from patrons in America than in his native France, and now we can see two of his masterful paintings of a young milkmaid attempting to pull a recalcitrant cow to a stake in the ground.

image: JULIEN DUPRÉ, In Pasture, 1882, oil on canvas, collection of Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, Washington University in St. Louis

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