Future Exhibitions

Jun 1 2019 to Aug 11 2019
Painting by Julia Jacquette

For centuries, artists have used food as a subject—from Dutch still lifes teeming with meats, fruits, and vegetables—to Andy Warhol’s infamous soup cans. This exhibition features work from the Museum’s permanent collection, as well as art borrowed from galleries and studios in Lexington and...

Jun 1 2019 to Dec 8 2019
Painting_Baker of the Bread of Abundance by Rockwell Kent

The transcendent quality of light has engaged artists for centuries. This installation drawn from the permanent collection explores literal and metaphoric meanings of illumination. It includes sun-shot landscapes, a gold-leafed Russian icon, a Tiffany lamp, and a curious painting commissioned by...

Jun 1 2019 to Dec 8 2019
Painting, In the Pasture by Dupre

Julian Dupré’s In the Pasture takes center stage in this exhibition that looks at the power of the land—as a source of nourishment as well as a marker of place and history. Typically this popular painting, made in France in 1883, would be contextualized by other genre scenes or examples...

Sep 14 2019 to Dec 8 2019
Photo Bethany Collins "Colorblind Dictionary"

Chicago-based artist Bethany Collins manipulates language in symbolic and provocative ways. In drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures, and artist’s books, she incorporates fractured or illegible phrases made by labor intensive acts of rendering and erasure. Her work addresses the personal and...

Sep 14 2019 to Dec 8 2019
"Pretty Monster" by Judy Ledgerwood

This exhibition features work by three distinct artists whose diverse paintings and sculptures share a deep engagement with materials and process, formal concerns, and expressive gesture. 

A groundbreaker in the feminist art movement of the 1960s and 70s, Snyder has created a rich visual...