Treasures from the Ancient Middle East

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A collection of richly decorated bowls, cups, bottles, and tiles that date back to the sixth or seventh century highlight this exhibition. The work is now described as Iranian, was once labeled Persian, and represents a range of cultures in locales that include present-day Iran, Uzbekistan, Syria, and Turkey. Many of the ceramic vessels date from the ninth- to thirteenth-century, a period often described as a golden age in the region, which saw a flowering of literature, poetry, music, and the arts. They were a gift by Alice Heeramaneck following the death of her husband, Nisli Heeramaneck, a prominent collector of Asian art. 

Image: Iranian, Lotus Bottle, 12-13th century, glazed and molded fritware. Collection of the UK Art Museum, gift of Mrs. Alice Heeramaneck.
Created 08/16/2021
Last Updated 09/14/2021