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The re:museum exhibition is getting a re:fresh in 2023 with a new set of artworks and updated displays.  

re:museum centers the Museum and our permanent collection by exhibiting a combination of artworks, educational prompts, and other incisive displays. The artworks on view in re:museum pull from our Digital Learning Gallery, an online resource established through a UK Arts Extension Outreach Grant to connect art lovers to our collection across Kentucky and beyond. Each item on view in re:museum includes contextual background information, contemplative prompts, and activities for a variety of ages and art experience levels.  

In addition to the artwork on display, re:museum also features insights into our institutional history and a peek behind the curtain on how we exhibit and preserve works of art. How high on the wall are paintings hung? How are artworks cared for when not on view? Who decides which pieces to show or acquire? Answers to these questions and more can be found throughout the exhibition.  

The Digital Learning Gallery is accessible via our website. Find it on our homepage by scrolling to the button labeled “Digital Learning Gallery.” If you’d like to incorporate re:museum or the Digital Learning Gallery into your curriculum, please contact education coordinator Dan Solberg (  

Amber Boardman, Pink March, 2017, oil on polyester. Collection of the UK Art Museum, gift of the artist. 
Created 11/30/2022
Last Updated 12/02/2022